ZERO Calorie Challenge | Bodybuilder Fast for 72 hours | Trying out Keto

Timeline: 0:008:24 – Sharing my thoughts

8:25 – End – LAB – Blood Ketone Levels, DEXA, Etc.

#Science Why I’m doing a 72-hour fast?! – New Experience – New Challenge!

I’ve consumed food every day for my entire life (26 years). Fasting for a few days can actually have multiple health benefits and give my digestive system a complete break for once. As a bodybuilder who eats 4-6x per day EATING is very habitual. I wanted to challenge myself and break a habit of mine (even if my habit does support one of my primary goals – building muscle). I want to tap into a deeper level of self-awareness and I believe this is one possible avenue to do so.

I will be more in tune with my internal energy and observe whatever changes might occur physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I WILL NOT wither away and lose muscle mass by fasting for three days. I will primarily utilize stored glycogen (from my muscle and liver) first, and then tap into my fat stores, break down the fatty acids and produce ketones.

Ketones are “muscle sparing” and after entering “ketosis” through the fast, I will transition into a Ketogenic Diet. I have never utilized a Ketogenic Diet personally in the past, but have prescribed it for some of my clients. I would like to finally experience a ketogenic diet/lifestyle myself for a few days before transitioning back into my normal dietary habits.

Learning doesn’t just happen by obtaining for information, but some of the most significant life lessons come through experience. I’m excited about this short, yet novel approach. I hope to update you all after my 3 days of fasting and as I get into KD.

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