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Training 101

101 Training Program


Welcome to School of Gainz Training 101: a comprehensive training program with various templates to help you optimize your progress regardless of whether you’re a true beginner or an intermediate lifter. Getting started on your fitness journey can not only be an intimidating endeavor, but a confusing one as well. There is so much information available to us in this day and age, and as a beginner, it’s really difficult to decipher between quality information and gimmicks.

This led me to write Training 101. It was time to create a scientifically backed program so you can take full advantage of the amazing progress you can make as a beginner!


  1. 150+ Page eBook

    Over 150 pages that will guide you through tiers 1, 2, & 3, as well as in depth descriptions of each exercise.

  2. ABS 101

    Challenge your progression with our simple, yet effective approach to ab growth.

  3. Quick Start Guide

    We'll give you a step by step approach on the best way to begin this program to get maximum results!

  1. Multi-Tiered Approach

    Our tiered approach will guide you through 3 levels of progression depending on your skill level.

  2. Training Logs

    Receive free training logs to track your growth and progress week after week.

  3. Private Facebook Group

    Gain access to a Free Private Facebook group and network with the community!

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