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Extreme Training Program

Extreme Training Program

High Volume + High Frequency = Extreme Gainz!

The School of Gainz Extreme Training Program is a high volume, high frequency program perfect for building muscle mass. It’s intended for ADVANCED lifters only! Once you’ve experienced this training stimulus and the intensity techniques used in this program your outlook on lifting will be changed forever. You’ll be making gains that you didn’t think were possible this far into your weight lifting journey. It is common to experience high levels of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and to experience soreness after every session with this program.

Over 3000 trainees have ran extreme and their transformations have been amazing. This program stimulates muscle hypertrophy through every possible mechanism; mechanical tension, metabolic stress and cell swelling. We utilize advanced and novel training techniques that induce pumps like you’ve never experienced before!


  1. 70+ Page eBook

    The Extreme eBook will guide you through the program, as well as in depth descriptions of each exercise.

  2. EXTREME for HER

    An Extreme variation geared towards the female physique which features more glute/shoulder volume and less chest training.

  3. Quick Start Guide

    We'll take you step by step on how to approach this program to achieve maximum results!

  1. Over 3000 Trainees

    The Extreme program has helped transform the physiques of over 3000 people; Tried, Tested & True!

  2. Lifetime Updates

    When you buy a School of Gainz program, you're in for life! Be sure to stay tuned for any updates.

  3. Private Facebook Group

    Gain access to a Free Private Facebook group and network with the community!

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