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Elite Training Program

Elite Training Program

The Perfect Bridge Between 101 & Extreme

This is a 5-day training program for intermediate to advanced trainees that includes three tiers based on your experience level, effective volume and maximal recoverable volume. It bridges the gap between our SoG 101 and SoG eXtreme programs.

Since not everyone can adhere to the higher frequency and higher volume of the eXtreme program, this is a perfect fit for those looking for an effective, higher volume, higher intensity 5-day per week program.

If you’re an advanced lifter & don’t want to start with tier 1 then we recommend that you start with tier 2 for one mesocycle before moving onto tier 3.


  1. 70+ Page eBook

    The Elite eBook will guide you through tiers 1, 2, & 3, as well as in depth descriptions of each exercise.


    All Three Tiers Utilize this Upper, Lower, Push, Pull, Legs split to ensure you hit each muscle group 2x per week.

  3. Training Logs

    Receive Excel Spreadsheets and Printable Training Logs to Track Your Progress from Week to Week (Microcyle), Month to Month (Macrocycle)

  1. Multi-Tiered Approach

    Our tiered approach will guide you through 3 levels of progression and you can start with whichever tier best suits your current training level.

  2. Lifetime Updates

    When you buy a School of Gainz program, you're in for life! Be sure to stay tuned for any updates.

  3. Private Facebook Group

    Gain access to a Free Private Facebook group and network with the community!

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