Revive Stronger: Training Like a Bodybuilder

We discuss some programming details for bodybuilders including some of the mistakes people commonly make and some advanced exercise sequencing ideas. Furthermore, we delve into some of Chris’s coaching experience to identify what traits successful clients tend to hold. This isn’t one you’ll want to miss!


01:14 Training like a bodybuilder: Exercise selection

05:14 What makes an exercise a good exercise?

07:52 Client assessment

10:08 Helpful tools for exercises

11:07 Favourite hypertrophy movements

15:59 Overrated hypertrophy movements

17:00 Exercise Sequencing/Order

22:31 Pre-fatigue exercise

26:35 Chris detraining phase and coming back to training

31:01 Chris talks about periodisation

35:12 Key attributes for successful clients

40:32 Strategies as a coach to make stepping on stage more likely for clients

43:54 Self-sabotaging and not satisfied with results

47:03 Bodybuilding case study with Terrence Ruffins and rep tempo study

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