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Missy Hall

Missy Hall



Missy Hall has gained both personal and professional experience that has allowed her to truly understand clients and help transform their nutritional needs on a deeper level. Graduating from University of Tampa with a Master’s in Exercise and Nutrition Science in 2016, Missy decided to further expand her skillset by becoming a Registered Dietitian. After completing her internship, Missy has worked in many specialty areas, including fitness and exercise, eating disorders, and GI issues.

Good things come to those who wait, and Missy can attest to this. Growing up in a larger body, Missy felt uncomfortable until 2010 when she decided to set out for a change. Through hard work, dedication, and a change in lifestyle, Missy was able to lose over 70 pounds on her own over the course of one year. Then, at 21 years old, Missy developed a chronic disease called Ulcerative Colitis which posed its own unique challenges. This experience allowed for intensive personal growth and introspection.


Through medical intervention and a positive mindset, Missy was able to achieve remission from UC for over 6 years and continued to pursue an education in exercise science. During this time, she developed an intense passion for weight lifting, became a personal trainer, and began her own business in 2017 while 4 months pregnant with her first child.

There is nothing Missy enjoys more than having the opportunity to be part of someone’s support system as they make major lifestyle changes.


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