Legion Athletics - Sponsored Athlete, Christopher Barakat

www.LegionAthletics.com “Backed by Science. Proven by You.”

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I’m so fortunate to sign with such an amazing company. Legion’s transparency with their customers is incredible. They say flat out, “You don’t NEED supplements”. They focus on educating their customers first and foremost. Their products are all effectively dosed, and each ingredient has scientific evidence supporting its use.

-No Artificial Sweeteners/Colors

-No Banned Substances (WADA Approved)

-High-Quality Ingredients (i.e. Non-GMO, GrassFed Whey)

– Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

-100% Money Back Guarantee

If you have any questions on Legion Athletics products, feel free to shoot me an email @ chris@competitivebreed.com or DM me on Instagram @Christopher.Barakat

Physique Coaching Services www.CompetitiveBreed.com

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