Lat Pulldown Variations - Is One BETTER Than Another?

A common question I get is “What’s the BEST Lat Pulldown?”

The truth of the matter is ALL of them are important and one variation isn’t necessarily better than the other. In this video, I explain the differences between the pronated/wide grip lat pulldown and the neutral/close grip lat pulldown.

Understanding what the lats DO, where they originate and where they insert will really help you understand WHY you want to perform BOTH exercises throughout your training regimen. Two of the lats primary functions are shoulder adduction and shoulder extension.

The wide/pronated grip will be training your lats through adduction and the close/neutral grip will train the lats through extension. They are two different exercises that train two different, yet equally important function of the lats. If you train back 1x per day, I’d typically suggest you perform ONE “vertical pull” variation over the course of a training block, ensure progression, and then switch to the other variation your next training block. If you train back 2x/wk, consider performing one of the vertical pulls on day 1, and the other variation on day 2!

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