Flow State Podcast - Evidence Based vs Bro Science, Peri-Workout Tactics, and The Natural Bodybuilding World

flow state of mind

We have a very special guest and friend on the podcast Chris Barakat. We met Chris on a recent cruise and knew this guy was legit. His client results are insane and he is extremely well known in the natural bodybuilding world. If you are looking to learn, this is a cannot miss episode! We cover peri-workout tips, feeding windows, early mistakes he had when he started training, and much more.

Time Stamps:

(5:46) Evidence Based Vs. Bro Science and Context

(9:56) Context and Peri-Workout

(20:54) Eric Helms and His Training and Nutrition Pyramids

(24:16) Placebo Effect

(35:01) Early Mistakes in Training

(38:53) Natural Bodybuilding

(44:16) Mindset Shifts

(49:46) Flow State

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