Boom Boom Podcast: Body Recomposition

Boom Boom Podcast Body Recomp Chris Barakat Cody McBroom

Today’s guest is my good friend, Christopher Barakat. Chris recently dropped a very influential muscle hypertrophy study into the research world and is releasing a book with Jeff Nippard called “The Ultimate Guide To Body Recomposition” (Get it RIGHT HERE).

Not only does Chris do my own personal nutrition, but he’s one of the smartest upcoming researchers in the training and nutrition space. So it’s an honor to work with him, call him a close friend, and to bring him on the how.

Follow him on instagram @christopher.barakat, check out his new site School of Gainz, and read his research study RIGHT HERE.



3:35 – Chris talking about his recent research study

8:15 – Where in the body can you apply the research from the study.

14:10 – How you can use this study to get easy gains with less volume and better recovery

18:00 – Biggest issue with volume research and what can be improved.

25:25 – Details on Recomposition project with Jeff Nippard

27:37 – Why people think body recomposition is impossible.



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