Back Annihilation with Dr. Scott Stevenson

Awesome Back Workout with Dr. Scott Stevenson (@Fortitude_Training)

We both essentially “freestyled” it this day. We utilized drop sets on nearly every exercise on our final working set, and both experimented with some advanced techniques we’ve never done before. Our final set on barbell rows was interested as we used reverse bands for some of our drop sets.

We also utilized some “mechanical” dropsets aka leverage dropsets where we manipulated the line of pull/angle within the same set on the low row machine. Lastly, we finished with one of my favorite low row variations I love to get the lat in a very shortened position.

Make sure you’re laterally flexing the spine and depressing the scapula to initiate this pull. Feels like a pure isolation movement. Scott is one of the brightest minds in the industry and I wish I had the opportunity to learn from him in the formal academic setting, BUT I’m glad to have the opportunity to link up with him and learn from him in the gym.

Follow Scott on IG @Fortitude_Training and check out his website. He offers great resources on his website.

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