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I am very grateful for my family, friends, clients, colleagues, and everyone who has supported me throughout my journey. Here, I’d like to acknowledge those that have been a part of my growth specifically in academia and research, as that has led to a ton of personal progress. Lastly, I’d like to acknowledge everyone who has supported me because I truly wouldn’t be who I am today without you all. 

Dr Eduardo de Souza

Dr. Eduardo de Souza

Dr. Eduardo De Souza (Edu) and I on graduation day. Dr. De Souza is a Professor at the University of Tampa teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses in the Health Science & Human Performance department.

Edu is my primary mentor in the academic/research world and has been an integral part of my growth as a student, researcher and human being. I’m very grateful for how our relationship has grown over the years.

Visit his Google Scholar profile: Here

Dr Carlos U

Dr. Carlos Ugrinowitsch

Dr. Carlos Ugrinowitsch is a World Renowned Exercise Scientist. I had the pleasure of having Carlos as a professor in two of my graduate courses in 2016 and have been fortunate enough to learn from such a critical thinker. In the summer of 2019, Carlos played a big role in reigniting my passion for research and encouraged me to spend more time doing what I love. Carlos was my primary mentor’s (Dr. Eduardo De Souza) mentor. So he is the OG of my research circle 🙂

Visit his Research Gate profile: Here

Mike Alvarez

Michael Alvarez

Mike Alvarez and I at the 2017 NSCA National Conferences in Vegas presenting our posters (Mine – Bicep Study, His – Maximal Recoverable Volume). Mike and I spent countless hours together in the lab during grad school, supported each other on our professional projects, as well as our personal goals, and has been one of my best friends since. The idea of “School of Gainz” was conceptualized back then and Mike was the first GA of SoG! 

Rauch NSCA School of Gainz Chris Barakat

Jacob Rauch

My friend and colleague, Jacob Rauch and I at the 2017 NSCA conference where he won the best student podium presentation when sharing our finding from the autoregulatory study which he was the principle investigator on. Jacob is currently pursuing his PhD and is one of the brightest minds and hard-working people I ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s going to make a huge impact in the sport science field and those in his life.


Dr. Scott Stevenson

Dr. Scott W. Stevenson, PhD, LAc is an applied exercise physiologist (PhD from University of GeorgiaACSM and NSCA-certified), licensed acupuncturist (State of Florida) and competitive bodybuilder (four overall titles, including the 2009 NPC Mr. Arizona, and four top 5 national level showings).   Scott has over thirty years in the gym and two decades of experience personal training and coaching online.

Visit his profile: Here

Dr Campbell

Dr. Bill Campbell

Dr. Bill Campbell & I  @ USF. Dr Campbell is one of the most respected researchers in the field with his primary focus being on training & nutrition interventions to optimize body composition.  I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with Bill over the years and am grateful for his support, guidance and friendship. Dr Campbell was awarded at the 2019 NSCA Conference with the Nutritional Research Award. Congrats Doc!

Visit his profile: Here

2017 NSCA Crew: University of Tampa Human Performance Lab

Human Performance Lab

Left to Right – Dom, Andrew, Myself, Edu, Jacob, Mike, Nick C. Nick M.

Dr. Tim Gabbett - World Renowned Sport Scientist

Dr Tim Gabbett

Outside the Lab

Outside the Lab

Spending time with friends outside of the lab! Dr. Eduardo De Souza, Alyssa Wallace & Jacob Rauch.

Lab Crew BBQ

Part of the 2018-19 Lab Crew BBQing at Edu’s House over spring break.

2019 NSCA Crew

Crew & Coaching

L to R: Josh Bradshaw (Competitive Breed Coaching), Brett, Jake, Edu, Dan “The Prodigy” Aube, Ashmeet, Taylor, Jeremy “Gorilla J” Pearson

USF Physique Science Lab

USF Physique Lab

Dr. Andy Galpin visiting Dr. Campbell’s crew at the USF Physique Science Lab

Visit his website: Here

2019 NSCA

2019 NSCA

Jeremy Pearson, Dr. Edu, Dan Aube, & I

2019 NSCA 2

Myself, Jeremy Pearson, Dr. Cody Haun, and Dr. Edu

Josh Bradshaw, Lauren Colenso-Semple, Myself, Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, Dr. Eduardo De Souza, Dr. Alexandre Evangelista

Dr Guillermo Escalante

Dr. Guillermo Escalante

Dr. Guillermo Escalante and I at the 2019 NSCA Conference. Stay tuned for our future collaborations together!

Visit his Instagram

California Muscle Mayhem

Dr. Eric Helms

Dr. Eric Helms and I at the 2019 INBF California Natural Muscle Mayhem. I had the pleasure to meet Eric on his competition day. Eric is a top researcher in the field, a world renowned bodybuilding coach, and someone who has been a big inspiration in my personal journey to bridge the gap between science and bodybuilding. Thank you for pushing the sport of bodybuilding and the research field forward.

Visit his website: Here

NSCA Conference in Vegas

Dr. Eric Trexler

2017 NSCA Conference in Vegas with Dr. Eric Trexler – Superb natural bodybuilder, researcher and coach. He just competed in a natural bodybuilding show a few weeks before this photo and I was 2 days out from my last competition of that season (INBF Muscle Mayhem). Great times!

Visit his website: Here

I Love You guys. No words can express my gratitude for you.


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