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About Us

About Us

Our Philosophy


“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” - Albert Einstein


“The adventure of life is to learn”


“Don’t go through life, grow through life”

Our Mission

“Over the years I realized I needed to do much more than just coach people 1-on-1 if I wanted to help as many people as possible, share my knowledge and experience I’ve acquired over the past decade, so that’s exactly why I created School of Gainz. 

To provide quality, evidenced-based content, share the latest findings in exercise & nutritional sciences (some of which my team and I are investigating first-hand in the University of Tampa’s Human Performance Lab) and provide a different perspective on topics the majority of the industry blindly follows and believes is ‘correct’. 

One thing about the fitness industry that irks me the most, is that information is often shared in a black & white context. That X is RIGHT and Y is WRONG. The truth of the matter is, exercise and nutrition is very individual and there’s a huge area of grey.  

Thus, at School of Gainz, we want to share the data, our beliefs, and our experience as a way to help you critically THINK, so you can LEARN more, and GROW!”

– Christopher Barakat, MS, ATC, CISSN

Our Sponsors

I’m proud to be a part of the best sport supplement company on the planet, Legion Athletics and to share their products with you. My favorite things about Legion that separates them from the rest of the industry. They’re transparent, honest and focus on customer education.

We’re also sponsored by Revive, a nutraceutical company that is taking health optimization to the next level. They focus on optimizing internal function and take a very holistic approach to improve overall health. All of their products utilize scientifically backed ingredients at their full clinical effective dose.


I am very grateful for my family, friends, clients, colleagues, and everyone who has supported me throughout my journey. Here, I’d like to acknowledge those that have been a part of my growth specifically in academia and research, as that has led to a ton of personal progress. Lastly, I’d like to acknowledge everyone who has supported me because I truly wouldn’t be who I am today without you all.

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